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What Is Our Alumni Program?

  • Consists of those former clients who have completed our program, yet still remain to be a member of our AION family forever.
  • Another facet to our therapeutic program where our alumni can stay connected to both staff and their peers.
  • Providing free services even after the client departs from our care

Why We Established An Alumni Program

  • By incorporating recovery activities and events we can help demonstrate to our alumni that they can still have fun without the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Empowering our alumni to be the power of example to the client just beginning their journey into recovery.
  • Further demonstrating how recovery is a life­long process and does not stop after treatment.
  • To assure our clients that we are still there for them even after they leave our program.
  • Help in building a support network, something that is essential to one’s recovery.
  • Keep our alumni motivated and focused on their journey into recovery and that they are not alone.

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