Getting treatment for Suboxone addiction is one simple step away. Click here. We treat many individuals who are now addicted to Suboxone instead of whatever drug they used to be hooked on. Many sub-par treatment facilities are too quick to offer this alternative with no end solution. If you happen to be a long term Suboxone patient guess what?

You Are Still An Addict

In some cases Suboxone can be helpful, but only if it is used properly for a very short time, and you still need to detox from it. The truth is that most places that offer Suboxone treatment for long periods of time, aren’t really here to help you become sober. In fact it has been proven that Suboxone or methadone as a treatment for addiction only prolongs and in most cases further endangers the individuals rehabilitation potential. It also means you are still an addict. And the goal for all addiction should be sobriety, not another addiction. 

Methods of Treatment for Suboxone Addiction at AION Recovery

Using evidence-based recovery methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, motivational enhancement therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, AION Recovery helps Suboxone addicts return to a productive, healthy and happy life.

These scientifically developed methods of treatment for Suboxone addiction are based on research and provide especially effective results when traumatic occurrences of the past are a motivation or underlying cause of substance abuse. They also help the recovering individual relearn how to deal with negative circumstances or triggers, preventing the motivation to turn to drugs or alcohol, in the first place.

Peer group therapy is also an integral part of treatment for Suboxone addiction. Through peer support, addicts working to overcome Suboxone addiction are provided with a network of empathetic peers who are in the same phases of recovery. Together, the supportive members of the groups are able to target issues, learn from each other, redevelop positive social skills, improve communication, become more self-aware, develop assertiveness, gain inspiration and—perhaps most importantly—learn to trust others again.

Family counseling is an important part of recovery. Through weekly therapy sessions and family educational support, family members become more aware of the issues surrounding addiction and damaged relationships can be repaired.

Getting Started in Treatment for Suboxone Addiction

Any addiction indicates a problem. That problem can be at the surface or due to deep underlying causes, trauma or other issues. Whatever the cause, getting treatment for Suboxone addiction is the only real means of improving potential for a healthier, happier life of sobriety. Once treatment has begun, the world of possibilities again reopens for the addicted individual and hope is instilled back into everyday life.

It can be frightening to consider entering treatment. But a quality rehabilitative treatment program addresses issues at the root of addiction. Equally important are aftercare programs. Once treatment is completed, a discharge plan with 12 months of continued support are in place for each patient. Together with the completed treatment, this support system arms a recovering individual with the foundation and strength required to succeed in sobriety within everyday life.

Getting started toward recovery is never an easy step. But the reality is that making a call to a program for treatment for Suboxone addiction opens the door to a brighter, easier pathway for the rest of life as a happy, productive, sober member of society.

Overcome your Suboxone addiction by calling AION Recovery today at 888-811-2879. We’ll get you started on the road to a successful recovery.

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