When a person uses meth, 1,250 units of dopamine are released. That is 12 times the amount of dopamine released by normal activities. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for pleasure in the human body. Sex alone releases 200 units of dopamine. What does meth do to you by releasing this much dopamine?

Side-Effects of Meth

Meth has many physical side-effects including an increased risk of Parkinson’s Disease. But it also has psychological effects just as dangerous. Meth users are at higher risk for suicide as the intense depression takes over after meth’s effect have vanished. But what about what meth does to you while you are still high?

Tweaking on Meth

Meth use makes a person tweak, become obsessed with a thought or action. That obsession will turn into repetitive action. Even things that are not repetitive by nature will be done over and over again. It is because the action brings self-satisfaction to the meth user. Meth use is a solitary experience and focuses on feeling good in the moment which can last for hours.

Aggression and Meth

Meth users become excited and aggressive. Irritability, anxiety, hallucinations, paranoia, and violence are common among heavy abusers. Long-term users can develop symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.

Tweaking, Aggression, and Sex

People on meth lose the ability to say no to things they would not normally do. With meth aggression and tweaking comes heightened sexual tension. Often this tension leads to meth sex; unprotected, animalistic, and repetitive sex. It is common that meth users will engage in sex where they find their drugs. This behavior includes multiple partners outside marriage.

Marriage Bed Let Down

Once a meth user experiences sex while high, it’s difficult to enjoy sober sex. The increase in dopamine from meth and sex together makes it difficult to enjoy normal levels of dopamine from sex. That is if you can produce dopamine at all. Many recovering meth addicts relapse because they cannot produce dopamine without the drug.

What does meth do to you:

  1. Meth may cause arousal without the ability to climax.
  2. Meth causes erectile dysfunction.
  3. High sex drive may end in unprotected sex and contracting of STDs.
  4. Unprotected sex may cause unwanted pregnancy.

What does meth do to your spouse:

  1. They can no longer trust the meth user.
  2. They feel inadequate to meet the meth user’s needs.
  3. They may become depressed because their own needs are not met.
  4. If they have sex with the meth addict, they may contract STD’s.

Healing the Marriage Bed

It is possible to heal from the effects of meth and meth sex. But one addiction cannot be treated alone. Treatment for dual diagnosis of meth and sex addiction must be done at the same time. Not only should the meth user seek help in an inpatient treatment center, but the spouse needs treatment. Family counseling, trauma counseling, and codependency programs are recommended.

Treatment Centers in South Florida

Treatment centers in South Florida can help heal the damage of what meth does to you. Call Aion Recovery at 888-811-2879 for help today.

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