Information About Cocaine Addiction and the Health Risks of Cocaine Withdrawal

The first part of any top quality, evidence-based recovery program is the detox process. This involves medically monitoring patients while they are taken off their drug of choice. Medical monitoring always needs to take place because detoxing from any drug can be risky to your health. Once your body starts becoming addicted to a drug, it becomes used to having it in the system.

For some drugs, the withdrawal symptoms and health risks are worse than others. For example, the health risks of cocaine withdrawal tend to be particularly severe and even uncomfortable for patients. Fortunately, when you have a reputable recovery center such as AION Recovery, you have the best staff to help quell the symptoms and keep your health in check.

Learning About Evidence-Based Recovery for Cocaine Addiction

Detoxification happens first in any quality rehab program for cocaine addiction. Once the health risks of cocaine withdrawal have been taken care of and detox concludes, therapy can begin in order to help patients cope and work through their addictions.

At AION Recovery’s South Florida-based recovery center, we often use peer group therapy to do this. Peer group therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on bringing patients together. The groups may be small or large, and there is always one of our highly qualified therapists there to lead the discussion and choose a therapy topic for the group.

Finding Help for Your Cocaine Addiction

Given the health risks of cocaine withdrawal, it may seem frightening to think about going into a recovery program for your addiction. But the truth is, it’s the only way out of the place where you are now.

Right now, your life is a mess if you’re addicted to cocaine. Your health is not good, your mood is terrible, and all you are thinking about is how you can get more of this drug. Your friends and family may have left, or they may be on the verge of abandoning all hope for you. You might even be thinking about abandoning all hope for yourself.

Aion Recovery is here to tell you to hold on. You can get through this awful time, and you can see the fresh, new start on the other side of addiction. Call 888-811-2879 to reach Aion Recovery and get started on your path to sobriety today.

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