It’s no mystery: Lying turns into a natural reaction for those of us who have been hooked on drugs and alcohol. But as troubling as this reality may seem, it helps to know why it’s occurring.

The Reality About Addiction: Fueled Lying

So, why do individuals struggling with addiction lie– even in circumstances when it’s just as simple to tell the truth?

To Protect Our Addiction

Deceitfulness is the foundation of any addiction, and those addicted embrace an all-or-nothing mindset. We will do whatever is required to preserve our habit and everything else takes a backseat. As a result, lying turns into a matter of self-preservation. Anything, or anyone, that is going to get in the way of our drug use has no spot in our lives.

To Prevent Confronting Truth

Addiction contorts our world, making it indistinguishable to ourselves and others. Since our lives now revolve around getting and taking drugs, we know very little about ourselves anymore. This is a very unpleasant truth to deal with or admit, so rather, we construct a different model of reality in our heads– one where drugs and alcohol don’t have such a strong grip over us.

We’re in Denial

Addiction is a disease of denial, and even in the face of repercussions and bad conduct, it has a way of helping a us validate our actions and make justifications. When one is submerged in the throes of substance abuse, everybody else is the enemy and it’s never our mistake.

We Believe We’re Unique

We not only lie to others, we lie to ourselves, as well. By informing ourselves that we’re different than others and that we can stop whenever, we’ve persuaded ourselves we’re the exemption to the rule. And this lie only bolsters our chemical dependency.

Because We Could

Lying becomes so second nature that we lie even when we don’t have to. We take advantage of those surrounding us who are in denial of our dilemma or who’ve simply turned a blind eye. Often, we get away with it, which only propels our deceit.

Drawing the Line

So, yes, it’s true. This is a disease that pushes us to lie. And while these lies are certainly aggravating, they’re a diversion from the real issue, the rooting troubles that contribute to addiction.

That’s why it’s essential to end these lies in their tracks. Friends or family who disregard or empower lying only send the message that it’s acceptable, which also bolsters the vicious cycle of substance abuse.

What is Next

Instead of going along with the dishonesty, simply tell your addicted loved one you know they’re lying and you’re not going to stand for it at all. Let them know that once they’re ready to take possession of their addiction and get help, you’ll be there to listen and help them. If you have any questions, or concerns regarding addiction, call our Help Line 24/7 at 888-811-2879. AION Recovery is standing by to help.

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