The Journal of the American Medical Association cites that only 20% to 50% of patients stay abstinent during the first year after addiction treatment. There are many reasons recovering addicts relapse. Often, they do not have a supportive system in place when they leave rehab. Continuing care plans are vital to success in recovery.

Aion Recovery, guarantees sustained recovery if the recovering addict follows his or her program during rehab and the continuing care plan. If you hold up your end of the commitment, we promise to do our best to make sure you have what you need to live a sober life. Our success rate speaks for itself. Our aftercare program has the proper support you need to make that promise to yourself. It’s a two way street.

Can Addiction Be Cured?

While there is debate whether addiction can be cured, one thing is certain. Addiction can be managed like a chronic illness.

Does Relapse Mean Treatment Has Failed?

No! Relapse is common among chronic illnesses. Cancer, diabetes, and hypertension also have high relapse rates, some even higher than addiction relapse rates. The difference in how we view these illnesses compared to addiction is changing. Employers, governmental agencies, and insurance companies are more supportive of addiction treatment. As a chronic illness, addiction needs to be treated with the same compassion as cancer. No one shames a cancer patient for cancer returning. It is time to stop shaming recovering addicts for relapse.

Promises Made and Promises Kept

Aion Recovery knows the courage needed to choose sobriety. Admitting to loved ones a problem is difficult even when they already know. Fear, guilt, and shame prevent the addict for asking for help sooner. Once he or she can get past those fears and make a promise to get sober, Aion Recovery will meet that promise with one of our own.

Work our program actively during your stay at our facility, then work your aftercare program actively where you live, and you will stay sober. If you relapse after actively working both programs, then you may need to return. The only promise made here, is to yourself. Follow our successful criteria, and sobriety is obtainable. Our promise to you, is that we provide the information, support, and tools you need to make sobriety obtainable. But in the end, it’s up to you!

The Program at Aion Recovery

There is no one-size-fits all treatment for addiction recovery. Each individual has their own reasons for substance abuse. Those reasons will have to be discovered and treated to make sobriety possible. The process of discovery and treatment will be different for each person.

But certain treatments are used for everyone at Aion Recovery’s facility. Peer Group Therapy and Individual Therapy are the basis of treatment. Possible therapies include 12-Step Programs, Art and Music Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Writing Therapy, Adventure, Holistic and others.

Ready to Experience Our Promise?

Promises made and promises kept. If you or a loved one is ready to commit to sobriety, Aion Recovery is ready to help you. Call us today at 888-811-2879. We are committed to your sobriety and guarantee treatment if you work our program actively.

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