When it comes to therapy, there are often “Three C’s” that need to be taken into account: change, choice and community. In trying to assess the power of group therapy, these “Three C’s” bring to light just how effective this evidence-based method really is.

How Does Change Relate To Peer Group Therapy and Evidence-Based Recovery?

In therapy, the driving motivation behind achieving change is to ensure that an addict’s life is modified from one which focuses on addiction to one which focuses on sobriety. Reintegrating addicts back into the world as functioning members of society is one of the primary goals of addiction treatment.

Breaking down harmful habits and replacing them with healthy ones that promote a sober lifestyle can begin with the simple action of committing to arriving on time for meetings. In this small way, group therapy can lead to big change. Effective environments for change often have structure, stability, and clearly defined boundaries. These will all be present in any group therapy program provided in a professional rehab center.

What Does Choice Have To Do With Peer Group Therapy Or Evidence-Based Recovery?

Group therapy is designed to actively encourage members to practice making wholesome choices once they’ve garnered some time being sober. Discovering the options that are available to you can be nearly impossible while in the throes of addiction.

With group therapy, addicts can begin to identify the areas of their lives they’re capable of improving with the help of perspective from people who have been in their shoes. Ultimately, things such as weighing choices and making decisions or deciding on simple actions and carrying them out to completion are often vital keys to success for addicts in recovery.

How Does Community Tie Into It All?

Addiction is a chronic disease that is extremely prone to bouts of relapse. Patterns of drug abuse thrive on loneliness, as well as alienation. While in group therapy, addicts can empower themselves to begin to feel a sense of community. The positive social interactions made possible by group therapy sessions are powerful tools in the fight against addiction.

Professional addiction treatment is often the answer to overcoming addiction. By reaching out, you can discover specifically how group therapy and evidence-based methods can help you. Together, we can get you on the path to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Take the first step and call 888-811-2879 for help today.

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