Suboxone is a drug used to help people withdrawal from opiates like morphine and heroin. While it’s designed as a detox drug, many people have developed an addiction to Suboxone. This has led to the need for Suboxone detox and rehabilitation. Detox can be done anywhere, but we suggest taking advantage of Florida’s warm weather and beautiful beaches for a relaxing and healing atmosphere.

How Do People Become Addicted to the Detox Drug?

Doctors have conducted studies on those who become addicted to opiates. Brain scans show they have overactive brain regions. This over activity contributes to anxiety, depression, irritability, moodiness, and obsessive behaviors.

Why Suboxone is Used to Detox Other Opiates

Suboxone is an opiate, but it’s weaker than those prescribed for pain or used illicitly. The drug can calm over activity in the brain regions corresponding to opiate addiction. It does this by engaging the opiate receptor without activating the receptor. This allows those suffering with opiate addiction to use Suboxone instead of other opiates without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Doctors prescribe Suboxone with the belief it will be easier to detox a patient from the weaker drug. However, the drug reduces the electrical current in the brain and body, producing a calming effect on the patient. Over time, the patient suffers from brain deficiencies and the brain becomes overly electrified. The only thing that pacifies the brain is more Suboxone and physical dependency has taken over the patient. The patient may suffer from lifelong dependency or withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone Detox in Florida

One doctor has reversed the damages of Suboxone therapy by correcting brain chemistry imbalance. When the imbalance is corrected most patients can stop taking the drug without withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone detox is then completed to help reduce cravings. This detox includes balancing brain chemistry, hormones, and nutritional deficiencies.

Rehabilitation after Suboxone Detox in Florida

Rehabilitation is necessary after completing Suboxone detox in Florida. It is important to discuss the underlying causes of opiate addiction. Often patients are undiagnosed for a mental health problem that leads to addiction. Other causes of addiction include trauma from violence, divorce of parents, chronic pain, peer pressure, and death of a loved one. To find and treat the underlying cause, the patient will need to talk to a counselor to determine the events leading to drug abuse.

Aion Recovery in Southern Florida Offers Rehabilitation for Opiate Addiction

Aion Recovery in Southern Florida offers rehab after Suboxone detox. The sunny weather and relaxing tropical living is the perfect backdrop to holistic addiction therapy. Every patient who enrolls receives a free tablet with addiction recovery materials to keep track of his or her progress. Each day patients join peer groups, have time to meet with a counselor, and engage in activities meant to strengthen the patient’s mind and body.

Ready to Get Help for Suboxone and Opiate Addiction?

If you have completed Suboxone detox and are ready to get help for the underlying cause of addiction, call 888-811-2879. An addiction recovery specialist is waiting to help you now.



  • Jason Satterfield says:

    Holding my breath!! I just started a suboxone maintenance program and I’m terrified. I have taken this drug in the past but always short term, never as a long term Choice to my heroin addiction. I’d much rather detox over a couple days then do rehab but this is not an option anymore. I’m wondering how long before I may get addicted to the suboxone at 8mgs twice daily. My doctor told me he usually has patients on the suboxone indefinitely, I’m worried because I thought this was a quick choice to taper over a month then stop but my doctor chuckled at me when I said this to him. Anyone know any other options ( medications) that r better even if they r non narcotic and I have to be sick! This seems to be trading one for the other.


    • Admin says:


      You are 100% correct. Suboxone is not a suitable way curb your addiction. Anyone recommending it long term is most likely just trying to keep you inside the cycle for personal gain and profit, or just plain lazy. Your best bet is to look into a private facility that properly treats you for your addiction. Tell your doctor you want something else. You do have a choice. And if he persists, find another doctor. After you detox you should look into alternative means. I recommend adventure therapy, working out, kayaking, any sports activities. Tiring yourself out with healthy alternatives is self motivating. Become the best version of yourself. And call us at 888-811-2879 if you would like to get into a private facility. We don’t use Suboxone, because it is just a temporary solution to a very big problem. One that deserves proper attention. If you dont have insurance, there are state funded programs to help. Remember to always tell your team that you do not want alternatives like Suboxone. In the end, it is your choice. Check out this blog – My favorite and most rewarding part of each day is working out and kayaking on the weekends with my friends and family.

      With Gratitude

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