It’s a s subject plagued with controversy. Suboxone and Methadone treatment has grown out of control. Addicts that are weaning themselves off of Heroin or Painkillers are getting prescribed these temporary alternatives as a permanent solution. Pain clinics and shady medical practices have turned potential recovering addicts into long-term alternative drug dependents. The situation is out of hand, and if you have been prescribed either drug for more than a few months and then slowly weened off of those temporary solutions, then you may be in danger. If a recovery center has prescribed you either for over “X” amount time with no end in sight, you may be a victim of medical malpractice.

So Why Are There No Support Groups For These Drugs

The Stigma behind the drugs has created a bubble of confusion among the recovery community. On one side you have advocates of Methadone and Suboxone, these are mostly Doctors that are too lazy, or too well paid to offer proper alternatives, and recovery or detox centers that are looking to make more money from your insurance companies. A small percentage of these doctors are using these drugs properly, but research has proven that neither are very effective accept for in extreme cases. Unfortunately everyone thinks their case is extreme, but the reality of it is that you are just exchanging one addiction for another. You are not sober if you are on a long term plan for either of these, and detoxing can be much more difficult than heroin or painkillers. Of course this does not pertain to cancer patients or those that have serious medical issues that require pain management. On the other side, you have people who understand those dangers, but do nothing to speak out against this epidemic fueling the addiction problem in America. It’s simply too easy to look the other way.

The truth is that there are no support groups because of the thin line and controversy behind this problem. No one is willing to admit publicly that these addiction alternatives are not a proper solution, because it would crush the medical communities good name, putting a lock-down on everything from the pharmaceutical companies to the doctors and centers, even the ones doing for the right reasons with proper methods. A Multi-Billion dollar industry would fold and be crushed and there are plenty of people willing to defend this income, people with unlimited funding, backed by politicians who have been paid off to avoid legislation that could harm these companies. Therefor nobody is willing to admit, and take responsibility publicly.

So Where Do I Find Proper Treatment

This is the best question you could possibly ask yourself. Do the research, ask the right questions, and if you truly are looking to get sober, than you will find the right center that appeals to your needs. Proper recovery should have plenty of options and customize the process for the individual. No two addictions are the same, therefor you need special attention, proper care that you deserve. Contact Aion recovery today to find out more. Call 888-811-2879 toll free to speak to one of our addiction specialists. You deserve the best care you can get, without the dramatic long term switch to Methadone or Suboxone.

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