How to shoot dope is the one question many people wish they had never asked. The question you should ask instead is, how to get help? Why? Read on to see why injecting heroin is so dangerous.

How to Shoot Dope-The Costs

While heroin is fairly cheap to get on the streets, the dope habit can become expensive. Because heroin is addictive and the effects last for a short time, the cost of heroin becomes great. Some addicts report spending up to $200 a day for their habit. Many of those on dope turn to stealing, prostitution, and selling dope to support their habit.

How to Shoot Dope Side Effects

When a person first shoots dope the high is instant and intense. After the high withdrawal is just as intense for chronic users. Chronic users no longer feel the high of injecting heroin. They inject the drug to keep the effects of withdrawal from taking over their lives.

Heroin affects the central nervous system. When a person starts withdrawal, it can affect the entire body. The symptoms are strongest during the first 48-72 hours after the last shot. Detox centers can prescribe medications to reduce or stop withdrawal symptoms. Methadone is commonly prescribed.

How to Shoot Dope- The Rush, Peak High, and Toxicity Rates

When a person shoots dope into the bloodstream, the rush or euphoria begins within one minute. This rush will last only about another minute. But if the person shoots dope under the skin or into the muscle, the rush will take 15-30 minutes. After the rush, one will feel sedated for about an hour.

Heroin’s toxic effects are reached within ten minutes of injection into the bloodstream, 30 minutes if injected into the muscle, and 90 minutes if injected under the skin. The toxicity rate refers to how quickly the drug targets and destroys brain cells. Heroin users who died of overdose showed brain damage known only to aged people with Alzheimers Disease. The average age of the people studied after overdose death is 26 years.

How to Shoot Dope and Teens

Teen heroin use often begins with prescription painkillers taken from medicine cabinets at home. Once those prescription medications are no longer available, the teen will seek alternatives to get the same high. When approaching a dealer, they are offered heroin as a cheaper alternative to prescription meds.

In Florida, 11.2+% of the population attended specialty treatment for heroin between 2005 and 2018. This survey showed a lower portion of youth receiving treatment in Florida than at the national level. While this is encouraging, over 1,600 treatment centers nationwide treat youth heroin users. The average age of admission for youth is 16.3 years old.

How to Shoot Dope and Death

Many believe only chronic heroin users are at risk for overdose related death. The truth is overdose can happen even on the first use. It is impossible to know what you are getting from a street dealer. Heroin can be cut with other drugs or substances, rendering it lethal with a small amount.

Shooting dope opens the user to other dangers such as viruses and disease, many of which cause death. Detox centers can prescribe methadone as an alternative to shooting dope. It reduces chances of disease and overdose.

The Question is Not How to Shoot Dope…

The question is how do you get help if tempted to shoot dope? Speak to a doctor if you are tempted to shoot dope. Heroin use often begins in hopes to stop chronic pain. A doctor can help you manage pain with or without medications.

If you are already shooting dope, contact Aion Recovery in Southern Florida. We can help you find a detox center near you. Once detoxed, we offer recovery programs designed to help you beat addiction. Call 888-811-2879 now.

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