national survey in 2014 shows that 139.6 million people in the United States are active drinkers. And those numbers have increased going into the end of 2018. That is close to half the population. Ten to thirteen percent of this population are alcoholics. Twenty-four percent of the workforce report drinking while working during the past year. For professionals, this percentage increases from three to thirty times more.

The unfortunate fact is that professionals are less likely to seek help because of the stigma associated with addiction. Professionals prefer to stay in denial rather than risk their reputation. Instead of continuing in the addiction, professionals gain from out of state rehab facilities. These recovery centers offer more privacy along with great programs.

Professionals with High Rates of Addiction

national study concluded that 20.6% of attorneys met the requirements for alcohol abuse. The study also concluded that 70% of the attorneys assessed have the potential to develop alcohol dependency in their lifetime.

Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund reviewed the records for attorney disciplinary hearings. They found that 60% of the cases filed against attorneys coincided with substance abuse.

Attorneys are not the only professionals struggling with addiction. Doctors are five times more likely to abuse prescription drugs than the general population. And 15% of medical professionals are likely to develop a substance abuse problem during their career.

Stress, Denial, and Addiction

Professional positions bring a high level of stress. Doctors and Emergency Medical Teams are responsible for the lives of people they treat. Attorneys also deal with life and death for their clients. Stressful work conditions and long hours can deteriorate the health of these professionals. Add to the long hours; lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and decreased exercise, and it’s a prescription for disaster.

Many professionals deny a substance abuse problem as their reputation is at stake. Unfortunately, colleagues are more willing to “cover” for those suffering with addiction than risk the company’s reputation. As employers work with employees to tackle addiction with rehabilitation instead of dismissal, perhaps more professionals will seek treatment. Until then, professionals can gain from an out of state rehab facility.

How Out of State Rehab Facilities Help with Privacy

The main concern for professionals seeking recovery is maintaining anonymity. By choosing an out of state rehab facility, professionals can keep their treatment private. A sabbatical or extended vacation is a great cover for professionals ready to enroll in rehab. Clients and colleagues will appreciate the need for time away from the office, leaving the professional room to relax while recovering.

Why Choose AION Recovery for Out of State Rehab Needs

Out of state rehab is more than a chance to detox and learn how to stay sober. It is a chance to see and do new things. Aion Recovery in Southern Florida offers activities designed for relaxation and changing the quality of life. Golf, snorkeling, fishing, and paintball are a few of the many activities available during your stay. These activities are perfect photo opportunities to show your clients and colleagues upon your return to work.

If you or a colleague needs help, Call Aion Recovery at 888-811-2879 for a free and confidential consultation. Addiction Specialists are waiting to help now.

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