Opiates are received almost immediately by the brain when used. This rapid method of delivery can make the symptoms of opiate withdrawal particularly nasty. For many people, treatment for opiate addiction is required to properly detox and mitigate these symptoms.  

Common opiates include morphine, oxycontin, codeine, and methadone. These substances work to increase the amount of dopamine in the brain while reducing pain. The effects that opiates have can drastically alter the reward centers in the user’s brain. This makes these products inherently habit-forming.

Physical and mental addiction often accompanies opiate abuse. Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey & Florida residents who are struggling with opiate addiction often need the help of a professional treatment center to curb their opiate addiction problem for good. Professional treatment normally means the difference between successfully treating their addiction or immediate relapse

What Should Individuals Expect As Far As The Symptoms Of Opiate Withdrawal?

Opiate withdrawal will often occur in an early stage and a late stage, with progressively worse outcomes. Early stage withdrawal often includes feelings of agitation or anxiety. Muscle aches, increased tearing, or runny nose may occur. Some addicts are stricken with insomnia or excessive sweating as well.

Late stage symptoms of opiate withdrawal will often include abdominal cramping. Diarrhea often occurs, followed by nausea or vomiting as well. Opiate withdrawal reactions, while very uncomfortable, are not often life-threatening. However, addicts may be overcome with an intense desire to seek more drugs during withdrawal from opiates.

What Types Of Treatments Are Available To Counteract The Symptoms Of Opiate Withdrawal?

People seeking treatment to counteract the symptoms of opiate withdrawal may find success looking for a treatment center which specializes in evidence-based recovery. This often includes programs which focus on peer group therapy. With group therapy, addicts can shape their treatment to their particular needs.

Other treatment methods may include partial hospitalization program treatment. This will often allow addicts the ability to safely withdraw or detox in a controlled environment. When attempting to combat opiate withdrawal, removing yourself from the environment that may cause you to relapse can be extremely valuable.

Is Travel Absolutely Required To Receive Treatment?

Many awesome treatment centers are located in Florida. The first thing to do when seeking treatment is determine whether you need a treatment center that caters to a preferential demographic. If you prefer to be around people within your age bracket, there is a treatment center that is right for you.

Ultimately, a professional addiction treatment center like AION Recovery Center is the answer for many people attempting to overcome their addiction. Call us as soon as possible at 888-811-2879. We can assist you in dealing with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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