It’s hard to know if you need help for a drinking problem. Two signs of alcoholism are if you cannot stop drinking once you start or cannot quit drinking on your own. These signs often cause problems at work and home. When drinking affects your work or home life, it’s time to consider a private alcohol rehab.

Why Choose Private Alcohol Rehab?

Private alcohol rehab offers privacy and a certain amount of luxury during a difficult transition. Learning new behaviors and looking at the underlying reasons for alcohol addiction can be stressful. Instead of compounding that stress with difficult living conditions, private alcohol rehab offers holistic treatment in a soothing setting.

A private clinic allows for more treatment options. Federally funded clinics can only offer treatment that the government approves. This often means older treatment methods that do not discuss all aspects of alcohol addiction. Private alcohol rehab can give patients more choice including alternative therapies and nutritional support.

Amenities of a Private Alcohol Rehab

Private clinics can offer more amenities such as semi-private and private rooms. Time to reflect on your recovery is crucial and having space to yourself makes that process a lot easier. Along with more privacy, private alcohol rehabs may offer fitness rooms, swimming pool, spa, or sauna making your time in recovery feel more like a much-needed vacation.

Specialized Recovery

Many people struggle with alcoholism as a response to abuse or trauma. In those cases, it’s helpful to choose a treatment center that focuses on your circumstance. In those cases, look for a private alcohol rehab that caters to women, LGBT community, or first responders. When calling an addiction helpline, be sure to tell the person helping you what your specific needs are for housing and treatment.

PHP, OP, or IOP Programs

Private alcohol rehabs offer treatment with or without residency. OP or outpatient treatment programs allow a person to continue life as normal while receiving treatment. This is important for those who cannot take time off work or away from family members with special needs, such as kids and the elderly.

For those who can take advantage of a residency program, PHP and IOP programs are offered. PHP or partial hospitalization programs are structured programs with little freedom for patients. These programs are designed for those who have not learned the tools needed to support a life of sobriety.

For those who have completed PHP or are not as severely affected by alcoholism, intensive outpatient programs (IOP) work well. The recovering alcoholic lives in a sober house with others recovering from alcoholism. This allows more freedom while still focusing on sobriety and attending required meetings and therapies.

Ready for Private Alcohol Rehab?

When drinking becomes more important than work or family you need to get help. A private alcohol rehab will give you the space and comfort needed to put your life back in order. Call 888-811-2879 to speak with an addiction specialist now.

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