The best way to help teens avoid crystal meth injection side effects is to teach them to abstain from using the drug. But while this seems an obvious answer, many parents do not know how to encourage their children not to abuse drugs. Here are seven ways to help teens avoid drugs.

1.      Get involved in your teens activities.

Know what your teen is doing and where. Find out what your teen enjoys doing and find adult-supervised events where your teen can take part. Encourage the teen’s interests and join in where appropriate.

2.     Set up ground rules for drug use.

Tell your teen what you will and will not allow. Make sure your teen knows aspirin and medications prescribed by a doctor are allowed but will be monitored by an adult.

Also tell your teen that illicit and illegal drugs are not allowed. Talk to your teen on various illicit drugs and their effects. Show them pictures online of other teens who have suffered from crystal meth injection side effects and the effects of other drugs.

Let your teens know what is expected if they arrive at a friend’s house or party where drugs and alcohol are being used. Outline what will happen if your teens do not follow the ground rules and consistently enforce them.

3.      Know your teen’s friends.

There is no replacement to being involved in your teen’s life. Meet her friends and their parents when possible. By being active in your teen’s life, she will know you love her and are watching out for her. Even though this does not guarantee abstinence, it can help. Teens with involved parents are less likely to use drugs and experience crystal meth injection side effects.

4.     Teach your teen how to handle peer pressure.

Many people begin drug use because they don’t want to feel left out. Teens are no different. If they see their close friends using meth, they may be pressured to try it regardless of knowing the crystal meth injection side effects. Help your teen get through the pressure by knowing what to say in advance. Practice different ways of refusing without putting your teen in danger.

5.     Know where your medications are and how much is left of the prescription.

Teens who are abusing prescription drugs often get them from their parent’s medicine cabinet. Keep all prescriptions locked up and away from children of all ages. Keep an inventory of all drugs in the home, even over-the-counter remedies.

6.    Encourage your teen in all endeavors.

Encourage your teen to try hard and praise her when she succeeds. Help her with things she may struggle with in school and extracurricular activities. Never talk down to your teen or say she didn’t try hard enough. If you show your teen you support her, she will be less likely to use drugs to escape difficult situations.

7.     Be an example for your teen.

Do not abuse drugs. Teens notice if you say one thing and do another. So if you have a problem with drug abuse, be honest about it and seek help.

Know When to Get Help

The best way to encourage teens to avoid crystal meth injection side effects is to abstain from the drug yourself. But if you or your teen is using crystal meth or another drug, contact Aion Recovery. We can help you get sober with evidence-based treatment, peer group support, and a family program. Call 888-811-2879 today.

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