A Little About Our Clinical Director.

Ricardo A Santiago LMHC, MS was recently selected to serve as Member-At-Large of AEE’s Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group Leadership Council and currently serves as our Clinical Director here at AION Recovery. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Ricardo has served in the social services arena as a mental health counselor and program director since 2000 and was licensed as a mental health counselor in the state of Florida in 2003. Having worked in a variety of settings including inpatient & outpatient mental health, child and adolescent group home/shelter, adolescent and adult homeless shelter, in-home individual and family counseling, therapeutic foster care, adolescent and adult residential substance abuse, makes him the perfect person to help guide you down the road to sobriety and better living.

Immersed in the Community.

Ricardo is also an Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach State College, Barry University and Palm Beach Atlantic University where he teaches psychology courses.  He has extensive experience in trauma, child welfare, abuse/neglect, grief/loss, dual diagnosis, substance abuse, program management and a loving father of 2 beautiful children.

Falling in Love with Adventure.

Ricky has very quickly immersed himself into Adventure Therapy and describes having “fallen in love” with it as a treatment modality. Before his recent jobs, Ricky had never even heard of Adventure Therapy and confesses he is not even an “outdoorsy” guy but has grown quite passionate about Adventure Therapy in the last year. Ricky attended his first TAPG pre-conference in 2014 at the behest of his supervisor and was so inspired by the passion that Adventure Therapy practitioners bring to their work.  “It was really something I hadn’t encountered before, coming from the traditional mental health field.  The people at TAPG were so welcoming of the ‘newbie’ and were so open to embracing me and teaching me this new “bag of tricks.”  I was hooked at that point and haven’t missed a conference since.”  Ricky was honored to present in Denver, CO in June 2015 and humbled that his TAPG peers were so receptive to the “new guy’s ramblings.”  He describes that his career has made a “pretty radical change as a result of my involvement with Adventure Therapy, so much so that I am now in the initial stages of fulfilling a long-time dream of opening my own practice specializing in Adventure Therapy/Experiential Therapies. Ricky is thrilled and honored to give back to the TAPG community that he feels has already given him so much and has embraced him so openly by serving as a member of the Leadership Council.

Addiction Treatment Options

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, an accredited and licensed drug and alcohol rehab center like Aion Recovery with an amazing staff filled with employees just like Ricardo ready to help is exactly what you need. Learn more about mental illness by visiting this study. Our evidence-based therapy model effectively heals the mind of an addict and gives them the best possible chance of a recovery. Call us today at 888-811-2879 to get a free benefit analysis of your health insurance plan.

For more information on AEE (Association for Experiential Education and Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group (TAPG) visit www.aee.org and http://www.aee.org/tapg

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