In the United States about 4.5 million people use cannabis. More than 34% of high school seniors report using marijuana in the last year. To protect your family and community, you need to know the symptoms of weed and hashish use.

What is Weed?

Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant and is the part of the plant that is smoked. Weed comes as a dried, leafy product often shredded and in a bag. There are many strains of marijuana or weed.

Cannabis is also called Aunt Mary, BC Bud, Blunts, Ganja, Grass, Hash, Herb, Joint, Mary Jane, Pot, Reefer, Sinsemilla, Skunk, Smoke, Weed, and Yerba.

When purchased legally, weed will come in a pill bottle or vacuum-sealed bag.

What is Hashish?

Hashish is the resin collected from the cannabis plant. Hashish is more potent than weed. The resin is compressed into a block and ranges in color from brown to black. The block may be sticky or crumbly.

Hashish may be collected in a bottle and sold as hash oil. Hash oil is added to weed to make it more potent. It’s added to cigarettes or smoked in a pipe. Material symptoms of weed and hashish use include rolling papers, pipes, aluminum foil that looks burned, and spoons laying in unusual places.

Symptoms of Weed and Hashish Use

People using cannabis will have bloodshot eyes. They will use sunglasses to hide their eyes if possible. Often they will have increased heart rate and difficulty paying attention. They will be starving and look for sugary snacks described as having the munchies.

Other symptoms of weed include paranoia, fear, anxiety, and panic. If the person consumes a large amount of weed, he may suffer hallucinations and delusional behavior.

What to Look for If You See Symptoms of Weed or Hashish Use?

When you are looking for symptoms of weed use, check for small bags with brownish-green herbs. If you are concerned a loved one may use hashish, check for small glass bottles with brown liquid or small chunks of a brown substance.

Are Symptoms of Weed and Hashish Use a Problem?

Yes, weed can be destructive especially for youth. Weed impairs one’s ability to reason and learn. It also impairs the user’s perception of time and space, decreasing coordination. Those who use weed or hashish should not drive or run heavy machinery as they cannot shift focus fast enough to avoid accidents.

What to do if You See Symptoms of Weed and Hashish Use

If you see symptoms of weed or hashish use in someone you love, get help for that person. Call Aion Recovery in Southern Florida 888-811-2879 to schedule an intervention. An intervention specialist can speak to your loved one over the phone or travel to your home for a meeting. 

How can I find help?

After your loved one has agreed to get help, the intervention specialist can recommend treatment ranging from outpatient to partial hospitalization. Call for help today at 888-811-2879.

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