Professional Suboxone Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

If you or a loved one is saying, “I need help for Suboxone addiction,” you are through the biggest hurdle to gaining help. You have admitted your problem, or that your loved one has such an addiction, and are in the right mindset for gaining treatment that will make a lasting, positive impact in your life. Be mindful of rehab centers or treatment facilities that offer suboxone. Most likely they are not looking out for your best interest. True drug addiction cannot be overcome by substituting one drug with another, and Aion recovery is here to help guide you toward the next step… Sobriety! 

The two parts to overcoming Suboxone addiction are detoxification and treatment through a comprehensive and individualized rehabilitative program.

Detox: The First Help for Suboxone Addiction

Detox may very well be why Suboxone was first taken by the addicted individual. Most use of Suboxone (a buprenorphine and naloxone combination medication), is either to help ease detox from opioid abuse or to replace the use of opioids. This can result in a Suboxone addiction.

Someone seeking help for Suboxone addiction should be guided and monitored through detox from the drug by doctors and clinical staff. Once the body has cleared itself of Suboxone and detox is complete, recovery and sobriety begin.

Rehabilitative Treatment: Lasting Help for Suboxone Addiction

After detox, it is critical that the formerly physically dependent individual gains rehabilitative therapies designed to prevent future relapse or use of other illicit substances. Without this treatment, the cycle of addiction will most likely recur.

In beautiful and rejuvenating South Florida, the rehabilitative treatment of Aion Recovery Center is provided on an intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization program (PHP) basis. Programs are comprehensive and individualized according to each patient’s specific personal obstacles and needs from recovery.

Using evidence-based recovery and renowned clinical modalities, patients transition from detox cleansing of their physical selves to cleansing of their emotional selves. This deeper focus upon co-disorders, which often cause or motivate individuals to use drugs in the first place, helps patients understand and overcome the issues which cause their drug abuse and addiction. Some of the offered programs include: cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Peer group therapy is also provided. This is a critical, socially supportive program which provides better self-awareness, builds social skills and develops a network of empathetic peers at the same position within their own lives. Peer support and family counseling can rebuild lives, repair relationships and provide the recovering individual with ongoing help for Suboxone addiction.

Finally, aftercare includes a discharge plan and a 12-month support program to ensure the help for Suboxone addiction continues after leaving treatment.

Taking the First Step

It is often cliche to urge one to “take the first step.” But in addiction or drug abuse treatment, there is momentum in that first step. Momentum then builds, leading the addicted individual through to sobriety and lifelong recovery.

The first call to a reputable addiction treatment center like Aion Recovery Center in South Florida starts that momentum and can be the only barrier between the “here and now” of addiction and a healthy, productive, sober life. Call us today at 888-811-2879 to verify your health insurance benefits to begin your journey to a life free from drugs and alcohol.

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