There is Hope for the Future with Addiction Recovery

In St. Paul, MN, I sat in a room full of 200 or so people who were about to set the world on fire with something called the New Recovery Advocacy Movement…

We were ending a three-day summit and charged with returning to our communities to teach and, yes, preach, that recovery from addiction is legitimate, real and possible for anyone. We were emboldened with the truth that only those charged with action can understand. We were christened with the awareness that advocating for recovery meant stepping out and up in whatever manner necessary to be seen and heard as the heart and soul of the recovery movement.

I was a bit more than 10 years into my own recovery and there was nothing that could stop me. I believed in the power of unified voices and I was prepared to shout it from the rooftops.

Today, as I approach the 24th anniversary of entering long-term recovery, I know that I’m called to find bigger rooftops. Having witnessed our movement’s growth, having worked closely with Greg Williams to fan the flames of his phenomenal documentary, The Anonymous People, and then helping him build the social awareness campaign that is ManyFaces1Voice, I believe in this cause more than ever.

I understand, as Bill White said during his closing remarks at the summit in St. Paul, that struggle is inevitable but that in the end, it’s our willingness that counts. Are we willing to stretch, to try new things, to emulate the successes and learn from the failures of the past?

Are we willing to raise weary hands and voices and then trudge through dark times? White said, “The greatest social movements have been sparked and supported by the most imperfect of people.”

He also said that when we’re told by others that they may not be suited to join us, we should “remind them that their face and their voice will be part of a choir of thousands who like themselves owe a debt of enormous gratitude.”

Count me as one of the thousands who remains, then, as now, ready to make history.

Exactly How Aion Recovery Works for Addiction

Here at Aion recovery, we transcend the core values of addiction therapy, and approach every situation with a custom understanding of the individual. You are not “cattled” into a group and left to fend for yourself. Each person gets the customized therapy they deserve. That’s why our facility is referred to as one of the best in the business.

If you or someone you loved is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, Aion Recovery Center in South Florida can help. We offer leading-edge addiction treatment services that can help you reclaim your life from the grip of addiction. Call us today at  888-811-2879.

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