Holistic psychotherapy is gaining popularity in the addiction recovery field. The National Institute on Drug Abuse identifies seven areas of a comprehensive drug addiction treatment or holistic psychotherapy, including mental health and physical health. Addiction treatment no longer focuses solely on traditional psychotherapy. Here we will discuss the two treatments and why holistic psychotherapy is gaining popularity.

What is Traditional Psychotherapy for Addiction Treatment?

Traditional psychotherapy is called talk therapy. The person struggling with addictive behaviors spends time with a counselor or therapist talking about the addiction. As the person becomes comfortable with the therapist, he or she will bring up painful memories. By talking about the memories, the person will re-experience the emotions from the event. By re-experiencing those emotions, the person can let go of the negative emotions that often underlie addiction.

Forms of Traditional Psychotherapy for Addiction

Talk therapy’s goal is to restore a person to normal life. By discussing the memories, emotions, and feelings around substance abuse, one may recognize patterns of abuse. By recognizing the patterns, one can change behaviors to avoid the old patterns, creating new ones.

This recognition of patterns can happen through examining four areas of interactions with others and self.

  1. Examination of life problems,
  2. Of negative or distorted thoughts,
  3. Counterproductive behaviors,
  4. And social relationships.

While discussing these areas can help make positive changes, talking is often not enough of a catalyst for change. That is why many therapists and recovery centers are turning to holistic psychotherapy.

What is Holistic Psychotherapy for Addiction Treatment?

Holistic psychotherapy looks at every aspect of a person’s life who is struggling with addictive behaviors. An individual treatment plan solves problems that contribute to addictive behavior. That treatment plan will include talk therapy as one part but will also treat other aspects of the person’s life.

The treatment plan will look at nutrition, exercise, pain management, mental health, social interactions, and work status. A comprehensive treatment plan may also look at legal issues the person needs to solve. It may include non-traditional therapies too.

Non-Traditional Therapies in Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic psychotherapy treats the mind-body-spirit connection of the person wanting to recover from substance abuse. Non-traditional therapies can include hypnotherapy, art and music therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, sauna or heat therapy, yoga, equine therapy, and many others.

These non-traditional therapies are used with traditional psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and peer group therapy to create a holistic psychotherapy program.

Looking for a Holistic Psychotherapy Program for Addiction Treatment?

Finding a holistic psychotherapy program can be difficult. With over 14,000 recovery centers in America today, finding a center that will treat all the symptoms of addiction can be challenging. But it does not have to be hard.

Your Recovery, Your Choice…

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