Over 14,000 rehab centers are available in the United States alone. That number is growing as more people are seeking treatment for addiction. Even with so many rehab centers, many addicts are not receiving the care needed. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) reports that only about 11.2% of 23.5 million people received treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in a rehab center during 2017 and even more approaching the end of 2019. Fear, guilt, and shame often prevent addicts from seeking recovery. Rather than perpetuate these fears, Aion Recovery answers the question, how to find rehab centers near me?

Find Rehab Centers Near Me-Talk to Your Doctor

Fear of being caught with drugs prevent many addicts from reaching for help. Possession of drugs is illegal. But addiction to drugs is not. Your doctor can help you if you admit to being addicted. If you experience guilt and shame in speaking with your primary physician, consult another doctor. He or she can suggest a rehab center or monitor your recovery personally.

Find Rehab Centers Near Me-Online Search Engine

Even though a physician can help you confidentially, some people may prefer researching recovery options online. There are national recovery listings and state-specific listings.

SAMSHA National Website: SAMSHA’s website offers a confidential and anonymous source of information. Rehab centers are listed by states and territories within the United States for substance abuse, addiction, and mental health problems. Help is available in English or Spanish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Family members may also call for information if the person needing help cannot call.

Florida State Website: Florida’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program (SAHM) is the only state authority on addiction and mental health problems. The program is part of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). These programs work to promote, improve, and protect the health of Floridians.

Find Rehab Centers Near Me-Call a Helpline

Sometimes, a person searching for help is concerned with reaching out to state agencies. As in Florida, addiction recovery support is overseen by the Department of Children and Families. Those suffering with addiction while caring for children or elderly may fear losing custody and not seek help. Rather than continue suffering and risking the stability of your family, call a confidential and privately operated helpline.

Aion Recovery’s helpline (888-811-2879) is staffed by addiction recovery specialists who can help you find affordable treatment in a private facility.  Aion Recovery’s staff will handle your situation with care, helping you find the recovery needed to support your family.

Rehab Centers Near Me in Southern Florida

Aion Recovery in Southern Florida offers private and confidential treatment for substance abuse. Outpatient treatment options are available so you can continue caring for children or elderly in your home. Aion Recovery is well known in the recovery community for having the best aftercare support to help prevent relapse. Call Aion Recovery today at 888-811-2879.

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