Each day 7,800 people become new users of illicit drugs. Over half those new users are under the age of 18. Family members of those abusing drugs and alcohol need help to get loved ones into recovery programs. That help is available on addiction helplines.

Who Can Call an Addiction Helpline?

Addiction helplines are available to everyone. Those seeking help for their substance abuse and their family members can call. Addiction helplines are available 24 hours a day.

What to Expect When Calling an Addiction Helpline

Expect to speak to a person who is kind and understands your circumstances. The person who answers the phone will be sympathetic. He or she understands what you are going through and how hard it is to make the first step towards recovery. They can help you make that first step as easy as possible.

What Not to Expect When Calling an Addiction Helpline

Many addicts avoid asking for help because they are tired of feeling guilty for their actions. The people on an addiction hotline will not judge you for your actions. They will not scold you. Instead, they will help you make the best decision for your recovery.

The addiction helpline will not ask you to name yourself. You can stay anonymous throughout the conversation. You are in control of the conversation.

Information Available on an Addiction Helpline

Addiction helplines are available to offer information on addiction.

  • Behaviors: It’s hard to know if a loved one has a problem. A third party can offer insight into behaviors of an addict.
  • Signs and Symptoms: Addiction comes with side-effects. But those side-effects may be mistaken for other problems. An addiction hotline can help you sort through the signs and symptoms of addiction.
  • Treatments: By calling the addiction helpline a trained specialist can offer you insights to the various treatments.
  • Intervention: It may be difficult to talk to the person suffering with addiction. Broken promises and failed attempts at forcing help make it difficult for the addict to listen to pleas for change. It may be necessary to have a professional intervention specialist speak with the family and the addict. An addiction helpline can refer family members to an intervention specialist.
  • Detox and Rehabilitation: When a person is ready to get drugs or alcohol out of their body, an addiction helpline can refer them to the right program.

Courage to Call

Both addicts and family members waste time denying an abuse problem despite the signs of addiction. When one calls an addiction helpline, she is coming out of denial and admitting the problem. This is an act of courage and it opens the door of recovery for the whole family.

If you or a loved one is ready to step outside denial and into hope of recovery, call Aion Recovery’s Addiction Helpline at 888-811-2879. A trained Addiction Specialist is waiting to answer your questions.

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