With overdoses happening nearly every day in some communities, first emergency services are taking a new approach helping those who are addicted. Police, firefighters, and EMT’s all over the country are usually the first on site when an over-dose is called in.

First Responders Taking Assistance to the Next Level.

It is good to see our “first responders” taking action above and beyond the parameters of duty. This video below is just one example of the good deeds coming out of our police, fire, and EMT departments all across the country. Most of this time is volunteered in order to help the community.

Setting a Higher Standard for Addicts

Examples like the heroes in the video above provide hope for the future of addiction. Aion recovery in South Florida can only hope to serve its community in a way that can help people from all over, get the drug or alcohol treatment they deserve. Contact us today to find out more information on how to get started on the right path, or to help someone you love make the next step. Our addiction specialists are standing by toll free at 888-811-2879.

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