Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug in the United States. Thousands of people suffer from alcohol addiction, which is characterized by:

  • Frequent, heavy drinking over a prolonged period of time
  • An inability to control drinking behaviors
  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol, creating a need for increased amounts in order to become intoxicated
  • Physical dependence and withdrawals
  • Legal and social problems that stem from drinking

How much longer will you let your alcohol addiction destroy your life? How many friends are you willing to lose, how many family members will you alienate and how deeply in debt will you fall as a consequence of your alcohol addiction? The help you need is here.

Evidence-Based Recovery for Alcohol Addiction

At Aion Recovery, we specialize in evidence-based recovery methods to help you overcome your addiction to alcohol, and prepare you for sober living after treatment. Some of the following recovery and treatment methodologies are utilized with patients:

Aion Recovery proudly offers treatment with an emphasis on peer group therapy, which provides a more personalized system of treatment that also encourages social development and creates interpersonal support systems.

Inclusive Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism doesn’t occur in a vacuum, so Aion Recovery provides the opportunity for family and other loved ones to attend weekly counseling sessions. Support and educational materials are also a crucial part of family therapy, preparing your most intimate social support circle to assist you after successful program completion. Support from your closest relations will ease your transition into a sober lifestyle and establish a healthy and encouraging social safety net.

Entering Professional Treatment – Your Most Important Decision

Attending a professional addiction treatment program is the most important decision of your life. Whether you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, etc, Aion Recovery can help you to overcome your dependence on alcohol and break free from the chains of addiction. Don’t live one more day in the miserable grip of alcoholism. Contact us today at 888-811-2879 to start the journey to sobriety.

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