Medical marijuana is used by over 1.5 million people as a legal means to treat chronic and terminal illness. In a survey of 4,394 high school seniors, only 48 teens had a Medical Marijuana Card. Yet 266 teens used medical marijuana without a prescription. Teens with the card are 10 times more likely to admit being addicted to weed then those without the card.

What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

A Medical Marijuana Card is a state-issued identification that allows the holder to get or have medical marijuana. The drug can be bought in stores or online, or may be grown by the holder of the card.

Who Can Get Medical Marijuana Cards?

Anyone who qualifies and has a doctor’s approval can buy a Medical Marijuana Card. Cards vary in price by state. Some states have no fees while others can cost as much as $200.

Qualifications for the Card

To qualify for a card one must prove three things.

  1. Residency: The cards are legal in Canada, 23 States in the United States of America and in DC. Each state will have length of residency requirements.
  2. Proof of Illness: States need proof of a debilitating or terminal illness. Cancer, epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and AIDs are approved in many states. Other states focus on the patient’s condition and will allow treatment to those suffering with chronic pain.
  3. Doctor’s Release: Patients must have a doctor’s approval to use medicinal marijuana. Even though states have legislature approving medicinal marijuana, some doctors do not feel qualified to prescribe the treatment. They may refer you to another clinic. Others do not believe enough scientific proof exists showing it will help with chronic conditions. While some will not prescribe due to moral beliefs. These doctors do not want to be accused of helping people addicted to weed to get their next high.

Negative Effects of Being Addicted to Weed

While evidence exists that medical marijuana can offer relief to sufferers of chronic pain, there are negative effects to non-prescription or illegal use of weed.

  • Emergency room visits involving marijuana use exceeded 242,200 individuals in 2018.
  • 40% of adult males test positive for marijuana use when arrested for crime according to the DEA.
  • Adults aged 26 and older who used marijuana before age 15 are likely to go on using harder drugs. 62% use cocaine, 54% use mind-altering prescription drugs, and 9% use heroin.
  • Marijuana is often found in the body of drivers involved in fatal accidents, second only to alcohol.
  • People who use marijuana often in youth (age 13-38) drop 8 points in IQ.
  • Use of marijuana can negatively affect health, lead to use of harder drugs, and cause death.

Addicted to Weed?

Medical marijuana is a legal and safe treatment for many illnesses. But if you are addicted to weed, buy it illegally, or using more than prescribed; you need help. Contact Aion Recovery in South Florida for a free and confidential conversation on how we can help you stop being addicted to weed. Call 888-811-2879 now.

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