Do you believe your child or teen might be involved with drugs? Often, it’s difficult to figure out what substances they’re into based on their habits, so we put together a list of “tools” to direct you through the physical proof you may stumble upon. If you have any questions reach out to us on our 24 hour hotline at 888-811-2879.

Identify Drug Paraphernalia and the Substances Tied to Them

Here’s a look at seven components of common drug paraphernalia parents should look out for and the drugs generally linked to each of them:

Aluminum Foil: Foil can be utilized to smoke and inhale a number of different drugs, like heroin or cocaine. Nonetheless, it is especially common these days for smoking pills– especially prescription painkillers. When smoked, the drug enters the bloodstream more quickly than if it’s ingested, enhancing the appeal.

Spoons, Bottle Caps, Belts, Bandannas: These items, in addition to syringes, are a sign of intravenous drug use. Essentially any drug can be shot up, except for marijuana and certain pills, but opiates are by far the most common.

Baggies and Cellophane: If you routinely find small plastic bags in your teen’s pockets, purses, or backpacks, there’s a good chance those small vessels once held drugs. Tiny plastic baggies or burnt cigarette wrappers are used to hold heroin, cocaine, marijuana, crack, ecstasy, or pills. If you discover a powder residue within, the culprit is most likely heroin or cocaine.

Silk Roses, Glass Tubes, and Copper Scrubbers: You may or may not know that a “rose in a glass” is just a skillfully camouflaged crack pipe. Young teens may not know this, think they’re cute, and buy one for a dollar at the local gas station. Nevertheless, if you find copper wool accompanying these items, there’s about a ninety-nine percent possibility that your child is smoking crack cocaine.

Pipes and Bowls: It’s important to be able to identify which pipes are used for what drug. As we discussed earlier, crack is generally smoked using a glass tube pipe. Marijuana is typically smoked out of a colorful open bowl with an extended mouthpiece. Methamphetamine’s are smoked out of a pipe that looks like a combination of the two; a glass cylinder with an enclosed bowl or sphere at the end.

“Fake-looking” Soda Cans, Aerosol Containers, Etc.: These canisters are sold at head shops globally and are used for concealing drugs. Most of them are impermeable, so they also hide smells. Teens might keep containers in bags or bedrooms, but parents are most likely to find them in cars.
Straws, Pens, and Rolled Up Dollar Bills: Straws can be cut smaller and pens can be dismantled for “snorting” or “sniffing” specific drugs. Drugs that can be crushed up and snorted consist of cocaine, heroin, meth, ecstasy, and most pills.

Answers For All of Your Questions

If your loved one shows any signs of drug use or abuse, feel free to contact us anytime so we can help you determine what the next step will be. Call AION recovery’s hotline at: 888-811-2879. We are standing by to help answer any and all of your questions or concerns.

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