What to expect when you arrive

Get an idea of what to expect upon arrival at one of our treatment facilities.

How The Arrival Process Works

The process of making the client feel comfortable starts with their initial phone call to the facility, all the way through travel arrangements, and being picked up at the airport. The client is never rushed throughout the intake process.

First Day / Intake

Incorporating physical activities, nutrition and fitness, and natural pain management into the treatment program provides life lessons that inspire and set the stage for life-long sober living.


When a client is picked up from the airport, we meet the client inside of the airport with welcoming arms. This is important to us, because we want the give the initial impression that the client is not just someone being picked up by an institute, but rather by someone taking him in as family.


When client arrives to center, we immediately ask if the client needs something to eat or drink, and begin the admissions process.

Campus Tour

At the end of the treatment day, the client is then transported to the residence where he is informed of what room he will be placed in, allowed a safe call to relatives, and given a tour of the campus.

Therapist Meeting

Giving the time of arrival, client may also have an introductory meeting with his assigned therapist, and giving an orientation of all the rules and regulations.

Welcome Package

Clients are given an Aion T-shirt, backpack, stress ball, tablet, and welcome packet as soon as they are done being admitted.

Residence Welcome

Begin to build a rapport with the client to ensure the client feels safe and comfortable with us.

Move In

After all paperwork is completed with BHT and client is moved into his room, we then offer to take the client food shopping

Client Call

Allow the client to make a safe call.

You or your loved one can be in treatment in less than 24 hours

Remember, it’s better to call and take action now.
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