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Residential Treatment For Addiction

When you’re ready to find treatment for addiction, it’s important to realize that you’re going to need to make a lot of changes in your life. Sobriety may seem like one of the toughest challenges you’ve ever had to face, but it is possible, and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. It’s highly recommended that you relocate when you’re ready to get treatment for your addiction, and we have a facility in South Florida that’s dedicated to helping drug addicts and alcoholics discover a new way of living. At our facility, you’ll be in residential treatment, and it’ll help you build a strong foundation of recovery.

What Is Residential Treatment For Addiction?

Residential treatment for addiction is different than an inpatient treatment program. This is a facility where you spend most of the day. You eat, sleep and go to your classes, groups and therapy sessions all in the same building without much freedom. With residential treatment at our facility, you’ll be living in a recovery home with other patients who are here to overcome their addiction as well. From the recovery residence, you’ll come to our facility where you’ll attend our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for the day.

Getting Treatment For Addiction

Your living situation when you get here will begin to show you how important a support group is. Rather than being in a house by yourself or with loved ones who don’t fully understand the disease of addiction, your roommates during your treatment for addiction will be people who understand. Early recovery is rough, and it’s important to have peer support during this time, and you’ll be able to build bonds with others who understand what you’re going through, and some of these bonds last for many years after you’re through with treatment.

You’ll also get a lot of support from your peers when you attend group therapy sessions, but we’re here to help you understand proven methods to help you overcome your addiction as well. We used evidence-based recovery methods to help retrain your mind and adjust certain behavioral issues you have been facing in your addiction. These methods have a proven track record of success, and you’ll be able to use them when you discharge.

We’re completely dedicated to helping you build a sturdy foundation of your recovery, and we’ll be there to follow up with you for the first 12 months after you discharge. If you’d like more information about recovery from active addiction, please give our reputable addiction treatment center, Aion Recovery, a call today at 888-811-2879.

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