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Detox Treatment For Addiction


Detox treatment is the very first level of care that you’ll need when you decide that you want to get treatment for addiction. Just about every mind-altering substance out there can cause a variety of symptoms of withdrawal when you try to quit, and many addicts have experienced these symptoms long before they decided to get sober. If you’ve ever gone through withdrawal, you know how difficult it can be to stay clean when it happens. An unsupervised detox is one of the leading causes of relapse, so it’s important to go to a quality detox treatment facility before you get treatment for addiction.

What Is Chemical Dependency? Why Do I Need Detox?

Some people experience symptoms of withdrawal without knowing what’s happening to them. For some, they’ll begin to get body tremors, high levels of anxiety and flu-like symptoms, but all they know is that when they drink or use they feel better. Depending on the substances you’ve been abusing as well as your own personal health, the symptoms of withdrawal can vary, and sometimes they can be potentially fatal.

Your body is constantly trying to stay balanced, and the abuse of any type of substance can cause that balance to be thrown off, so your body adjusts. Even people who drink high amounts of caffeine develop a dependency, and they can experience minor symptoms of withdrawal when they try to stop. Your body becomes dependent when drugs or alcohol entering your system becomes the new normal. When you stop using or decrease the amount you’ve been using, your neurotransmitters begin to misfire and your central nervous system starts to go into shock along with your internal organs.

Why Go To A Detox Treatment Center?

Although some symptoms of withdrawal may seem minor, your heart is under a lot of stress when it happens. Some people can experience heart failure when they try to detox on their own, or they may have a seizure. When you go to a detox treatment center, you’ll get the medical care that you need while your body goes through withdrawal. A medical staff will help regulate your blood pressure and heart rate, and they may use some medications to help lessen certain symptoms.

Once you’ve completed the detox process, you will transition to our residential program to get help with treatment for addiction. Addiction recovery is more than simply stopping drinking or using, so we’re here to help you learn a new design for living.

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