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Are 12-Step Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Effective?

Twelve step programs have been an important part of addiction recovery for over 65 years. The goal of these addiction treatment programs is to help individuals stop their drug abuse and return to a productive, healthier and happier life among family, friends, employment and community. Most people who start a 12-step program and remain actively committed throughout their recovery are more likely to remain sober. They stop using drugs and alcohol, decrease criminal behaviors, improve their work lives and enjoy more positive social and psychological functioning. Of course, success relies upon the individual’s commitment and participation in the 12-step program.

Is Treatment Worth Associated Cost?

Substance abuse and addiction cost our country over $600 billion each year. Treatment is less expensive than other options for managing people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. For example, the cost of jailing someone due to their behaviors associated with drug abuse costs taxpayers $24,000 per year.

For the individual, positive financial impact of addiction treatment includes reduced social and healthcare costs. Those far outweigh the cost of treatment and when one considers the added cost of supplying a habit, gaining addiction treatment saves the sober individual money every day for the rest of his or her life. A treated individual saves him or herself and society 12 times the cost of treatment, when not even considering the expense of drug and alcohol supplies.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Individual recovery through intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization (PHP) treatment varies according to each individual’s personal needs. Everyone progresses at an individual rate.

Most clients require a minimum of 90 days for successful recovery. Depending upon the type of addiction, a year or more may be required. Participation in a 12-step program is most often a positive lifelong relationship to ensure tools gained in recovery continue to be used for long-term sobriety.

What Helps Someone Stay In Treatment Long Enough For Successful Sobriety?

The outcome of treatment depends largely upon the client’s commitment to the program. Staying in the program and remaining engaged usually relies upon individual motivation to succeed, commitment to change their behaviors of substance abuse, participation of family, and outside pressures toward sobriety.

Treatment success also depends upon the presence of quality clinicians and professionals who understand what is required to achieve sobriety. Treatment plans must be followed and 12-step programs should be attended regularly, with full participation by the individual in recovery.

Professional Addiction Treatment For Overcoming Addiction

For anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol, overcoming the addiction can seem impossible. Whether you are the individual seeking help or their loved one, taking that first step toward addiction recovery is critical. It is also the hardest part of recovery. Once that step is taken, potential for lifelong recovery and productive, whole and happy sobriety becomes a very real possibility.

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