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Aftercare Programs For Addiction Treatment

Drug abuse and addiction are multi-dimensional problems with far-reaching consequences affecting almost all areas of the addict’s life. The pathway to sobriety must be equally far-reaching and diverse, with aftercare providing ongoing addiction treatment throughout the individual’s lifetime.

Addiction is a chronic disease. Like other chronic diseases, being healthy for a period of time – whether days, months or even years – does not mean that the individual is cured. According to Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide, long term or repeated care is necessary to ultimately gain sustained abstinence and lifelong recovery.

Importance Of Aftercare Programs For Addiction Treatment

Individuals completing addiction treatment programs who fail to continue with aftercare or other follow-up program maintenance tend to relapse. This happens because they believe that addiction is cured when they gain initial sobriety and leave treatment.

But addiction is not like a broken bone. It does not permanently heal, then returning to normal functioning. Rather, addiction is chronic and pervasive. Inadequately maintained, sobriety will fail.

About Aftercare Programs

Aftercare programs are forms of therapy which continue after initial sobriety is achieved through addiction treatment. These programs are often underestimated by people leaving treatment, as they feel free of their addiction and do not fully comprehend the looming possibility of relapse.

Aftercare programs may include one or more types of therapy. They can be individualized treatment or counseling, family-oriented programs or even peer support. Commonly, 12-step programs are part of aftercare. Group counseling offers tools for relapse prevention, repair of damaged relationships and improved interpersonal communication. Individual therapy can improve coping skills and focus upon improvement of negative personal behaviors.

Regardless of the type of aftercare, continued treatment after initial recovery is critical. Like other chronic diseases, addiction changes over time. Those changes must be addressed using responsively evolving means of coping and support. Through this follow-up care, sobriety can be maintained for lifelong wellness.

Taking The First Step

Aftercare is extremely important for a positive outlook in sobriety. Once the addicted individual is clean, the treatment program will provide him or her with options and tools to enable newfound sobriety to continue. These options include a discharge plan and 12 months of ongoing support.

But taking the first step toward initial recovery is the biggest step of all. As with any other chronic disease, full recovery from addiction starts with first ending the cycle of illness.

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