Reputable Washington, DC Addiction Treatment Facilities?Washington, DC is the nation’s capital, and it’s also one of the biggest problem cities when it comes to addiction. Due to high poverty and unemployment rates in certain areas of Washington DC, many people turn to drugs and alcohol as an answer for their problems. Don’t imagine, however, that addiction is restricted just to those in poverty. Many addicts are everyday people who maintain seemingly normal lives in Washington, DC, but they have a problem when it comes to alcohol and drugs and are in dire need of reputable Washington, DC addiction treatment facilities. Although the situation may seem hopeless, a drug and alcohol rehab can help anyone recover from active addiction.

Washington, DC Drug Abuse Statistics

According to the Washington Examiner, the drug problem in the Northeast is growing each year. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) showed that 11.3% of people in DC 12 and older had become dependent to drugs or alcohol in the last year. Other places in the Northeast like Virginia and Maryland only had between 8.1 and 9.4% of people becoming addictive. Some of the most common substances of abuse in the District include alcohol, marijuana and cocaine, but many people are also becoming addicted to prescription opiates and benzodiazepines.

Reputable Washington, DC Addiction Treatment Facilities?

AION Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab located in beautiful South Florida where you can escape the triggers from back home and focus on your early sobriety. First, you should go to a local hospital or detox center to detoxify your body. Many substances cause a mental and physical dependence, which come with symptoms of withdrawal, so you should make sure you’re in good health before traveling to our drug and alcohol rehab. If you do need ongoing medical care, we have a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to help with follow-up medical needs.

Once you’re here, you’ll go through a variety of different evidence-based recovery methods that have been proven by scientific research facilities to help addicts recover. The portion of the brain responsible for addiction has an abnormal reaction to substances, and it also causes you to use impulsively, but it can be retrained through our therapy methods. You’ll also get the emotional support you need through group therapy. Peer support is one of the best types of therapy you can receive because you’ll be with other addicts who understand what you’ve been through.

At AION Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehab facility in sunny South Florida, we don’t discharge you after treatment without a plan of action. We’ll set you up with a 12-month plan for aftercare, so you can continue to strengthen your recovery when you head back to Washington, DC. Give AION Recovery a call today at 888-811-2879 if you’re tired of living the way you’ve been living and are ready for a new life.