Most states are battling a war against drugs like heroin and prescription opiates and benzodiazepines, but the state of Missouri has a different problem. In Missouri, methamphetamines have become the drug of choice, and the local Drug Enforcement Administration stated that there were nearly 13,000 meth lab incidents in 2012, which was actually a decrease from 2011 and 2010. However, meth-related arrests in Missouri continue to skyrocket and the need for affordable Missouri addiction treatment centers is growing.

The Youth of MO and Meth

The National Institute on Drug Abuse keeps track of different drug abuse trends throughout the country, and the organization found that many teens are trying meth in MO at a very young age. The disease of addiction can strike people at any age, but young people are much more likely to become addicted. The study found that roughly 1.7 high-school seniors per class had tried meth, and this begins to show why the number of meth addicts in the state is so high. Young people have brains that haven’t fully developed yet, so it’s much easier for them to become addicted to different substances.

Leading Missouri Addiction Treatment Centers

Although meth is the main substance of choice in MO, there’s still a problem with dependency to alcohol, heroin and prescription medications. It can be difficult to realize you need to go to a drug and alcohol rehab because your mind tells you that you can’t live life without the use of these substances. Just remember, you don’t have to hit rock bottom to go to a drug and alcohol rehab center.

AION Recovery is ready to help you successfully overcome your addiction. The sooner you begin treatment in sunny Boynton Beach, Florida, the better your chances are at leading a new life free from active addiction.

No matter what types of substances you’ve been abusing, our evidence-based recovery methods can help you overcome your addiction. These methods include cognitive behavioral therapy and other types of therapy that have proven results when it comes to addicts recovering from addiction. We also believe that peer support through group therapy is a very important part of the process because it helps you realize that you don’t have to go through your battle alone.

Many people who go through our drug and alcohol rehab build support groups that can last a lifetime, but AION Recovery will also be there to provide you with a 12-month aftercare and relapse prevention plan when you leave. Once you’ve completed treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab center, you’ll be able to return to Missouri knowing that you never have to drink or use again.

Affordable Missouri addiction treatment centers can help. Call AION Recovery today at 888-811-2879 and start creating a future without drugs or alcohol.