Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are huge problems in Iowa. In fact, recent statistics show that approximately 9,000 residents of Iowa (IA) sought state or private treatment for their drug problems in 2010. Those numbers go up every year as more drugs such as heroin & cocaine continue to flood the market.

This might be a frightening statistic to learn about if you’re an Iowa resident—and it should be. The good news is that Iowa drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can help. Getting professional & accredited treatment is truly the only way to finally get back on your feet if you’re going through addiction. You shouldn’t have to be on your own during your recovery because this can be a very difficult time.

The Importance of Peer Group Therapy During Drug and Alcohol Rehab

One of the ways that we treat addiction at AION Recovery is with therapy that centers around a group. We feel that this helpful setup can assist individuals with their recovery process often much better than one on one therapy sessions alone.

Therapy in groups helps patients connect directly with others who are in their shoes. If you’re an addict yourself, you can listen to the stories of others and either show empathy and compassion for them or use their stories to reflect on your own lives and see where you’ve possibly taken a wrong turn. Learn more about the Iowa study.

Finding Iowa Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

If you’re an Iowa resident who is seeking drug and alcohol rehab, consider going out of your home state for the treatment you need. Sunny South Florida is the perfect place to do this. AION Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehab facility is one of the best in the nation, and we cater to patients from all walks of life.

With our evidence-based recovery procedure that focuses on peer support, you’ll get top quality counseling from the best professionals in addiction care. Sobriety might have seemed an impossible goal but it isn’t with quality Iowa drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Are you ready to take charge of your life and get sober? The only way to truly beat addiction is with a quality drug rehab program. AION Recovery can offer this to you. Start your path toward a new you today by calling us at 888-811-2879.