Illinois (IL) residents have been struggling with drug addiction and abuse for many decades. From meth and ecstasy to cocaine and heroin, there are a number of drugs that end up causing serious problems for the inhabitants of Illinois. Especially in the city of Chicago, addiction has caused a frightening number of preventable deaths, as well as numerous cases of broken families and severe injuries.

In 2007, national statistics records found that more than 1,200 Illinois residents died from drug-related consequences. Numbers like this have risen each year since then. Fortunately, affordable Illinois drug and alcohol rehab programs are available to help turn these people’s lives around.

The Importance of Group Therapy and Support in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Peer support is vital for recovery when it comes to addiction. Many people don’t understand that when you’re able to talk about your individual problems with a group of other understanding and compassionate individuals, it heals you body and soul. You can share your story at affordable Illinois drug and alcohol rehab programs and feel that you’re able to connect with others who may share some of what you have gone through in your life.

In the same vein, when others share their addiction and drug abuse stories, it helps you to feel connected to them. You can offer your compassion and sympathy and feel mutual respect for each other. Overall, this leads to a general feeling of finding a way to get better as a group.

Affordable Illinois Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs?

Residents of Illinois who require drug and alcohol rehab for a serious addiction should consider getting away from the Midwest for their treatment. Going to a place like South Florida lets you get away from temptations and negative influences that plague you in your home area. In addition, the beauty and sunshine of Florida are always welcoming for people who are looking to get better from addiction.

AION Recovery uses evidence-based recovery to ensure that Illinois patients have an excellent chance of kicking their negative habits. In fact, our therapists and counselors are some of the best in the field of drug and alcohol rehab.

Remember that true recovery can only happen at a professional drug rehab center. We’re ready to help you recover from addiction. Are you? Call AION Recovery today at 888-811-2879 to learn more about affordable Illinois drug and alcohol rehab programs.