The heroin problem in the Northeast (Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Maine) United States has continued to grow over the last decade, and no state is exempt from the issue. Delaware may be one of the smallest states in the region, but the heroin epidemic has crept its way into communities all over DE. Some people think that the problem is isolated to areas like New Jersey and Maryland, but Delaware Online has recently published an article about how bad the problem has actually become. The best way for residents of DE to break free from their addiction to heroin, alcohol and other substances is by going to reputable Delaware drug and alcohol rehab centers that use leading-edge addiction treatment methods.

The Heroin Problem in Delaware (DE)

Most heroin addicts in Delaware didn’t start off by using such a dangerous drug. As in most parts of the country, addiction to opiates starts with prescription pain medications. For many years, there was a big problem with prescription painkillers, but government officials began to crack down on the abuse of these types of medications. As time went on, it was more expensive to get prescription painkillers. A 30mg Percocet can be as high as $30, and OxyContin has been known to be as much as $100 for a single pill. When a prescription painkiller addict in Delaware needs five Percocets or two OxyContin just to feel well for the day, you can see how expensive this can get. Heroin is a much cheaper, more potent opiate, which is why many people switch to the drug.

The Benefits of Delaware Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Whether you’re struggling with a heroin or addiction to alcohol, your life can become highly unmanageable. It’s virtually impossible to imagine a life where you’re no longer using substances to get through the day, but millions of people have recovered from this seemingly hopeless state, and they’ve done so by going to quality Delaware drug and alcohol rehab centers. AION Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center in sunny Boynton Beach, Florida that can help you learn how to overcome your addiction. After you’ve detoxed, you’ll enter either an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), depending on your unique needs.

AION Recovery is a place where you’ll get peer support through group therapy, and you’ll also be treated with therapeutic methods that have been shown to be very effective. Our evidence-based recovery methods will not only help you in early recovery, but you’ll be able to return to Delaware with tools you can use to prevent relapse. Give AION Recovery a call today at 888-811-2879 for more information about our programs and how we can help you join the others that remain sober today.