The CT Post recently ran an article about the rising death tolls in Connecticut from victims of fatal overdoses. In 2013, the state of Connecticut sadly hit a 10-year high. As a whole, the state had 344 deaths in 2004, 287 in 2008 and 519 in 2013. In fact, drug and alcohol addiction has affected cities throughout Connecticut. Cities like Hartford, CT, had 19 deaths in 2004, but there were 51 in 2013, which was much higher than the 33 from the previous year. Of the people going to a drug and alcohol rehab in search of help, many are there for problems with alcohol abuse, as well as addictions to heroin. Fortunately, there are Connecticut drug addiction treatment options.

Prescription Drug Abuse in Connecticut

Heroin is a very potent and addictive form of an opiate, but many heroin addicts were originally addicted to prescription painkillers. There’s greater access to prescription painkillers than ever before, and the prescription painkiller per capita had quadrupled between 1999 and 2010. Once a painkiller addiction spirals out of control, it can be extremely expensive to maintain, so many people turn to heroin. Heroin is not only cheaper than prescription painkillers on the street, but it’s also easier to come by as well. Learn more about the 2004 study on Connecticut deaths from overdosing.

Connecticut Drug Addiction Treatment Options in South Florida?

AION Recovery is located in Boynton Beach, Florida, and many patients come from northeastern states like Connecticut on a regular basis. It’s highly recommended that people who are ready to get sober leave their state because environmental triggers are a primary source of addiction. By coming to our drug and alcohol rehab in Florida, you can take the time you need to truly focus on your recovery. Once you have detoxed, you’ll be able to participate in our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) while living in a sober living home.

Rest assured when weighing Connecticut drug addiction treatment options that AION Recovery relies on evidence-based treatment methods at our drug and alcohol rehab center in Florida. Not only will you go through different therapies that have been shown to help retrain your mind, but you’ll get excellent peer support through group therapy. Some of the best recovery you can get is from other patients in treatment. Once you’ve completed our program, your recovery isn’t over, so we provide you with a 12-month aftercare plan upon discharge.

As a Connecticut resident, it’s time for you to overcome your addiction. Give AION Recovery a call today at 888-811-2879 to get more information about how you can retake control of your life and join the others that remain sober today.