With its close proximity to Mexico, the state of Arizona (AZ) is subject to many of the drug trafficking problems that other states like California, New Mexico and Texas deal with as well. While the War on Drugs helps stop criminals who are distributing drugs, many people who are suffering from addiction aren’t getting the help that they need.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that Arizona (AZ) has shown that thousands of residents are entering drug and alcohol rehab programs each year for problems with heroin, prescription opiates, methamphetamines and cocaine. There are many local Arizona drug rehab treatment centers, but the key is to find one that uses leading-edge, evidence-based methods.

Arizona Drug Rehab Treatment Centers?

Some studies show that the majority of people who go to a drug and alcohol rehab in their hometown or state are less likely to remain clean and sober. AION Recovery provides Arizona drug rehab treatment services to Arizona residents, and it can be very beneficial to your recovery. Addiction is a chronic mental illness that doesn’t want you to get better, which is why triggers and be so powerful and overwhelming. By coming to sunny Boynton Beach, Florida for treatment, you can build a strong, healthy foundation of recovery before you return home where you’ll be facing your triggers in sobriety.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

AION Recovery uses a variety of time-tested recovery methods at our facility in sunny Florida that have shown excellent results. Individual therapy is to help you open up about your history of drug and alcohol abuse and what in Arizona may have been fueling your addiction. Our therapists want to help you uncover these answers because it’s the first step toward finding a solution. This also gives us the opportunity to find out if you may be suffering from any other illnesses like anxiety, depression, trauma or PTSD.

Group therapy is where you’ll get the peer support that you need, and this is very important because many addicts feel like they’re alone in their problems. You’ll begin to see that complete strangers from different parts of the country have felt exactly how you have, and you’ll be able to find common solutions. We also encourage family therapy, which is accomplished through video conferencing so we can work together with your loved ones back in Arizona.

The recovery process is a long journey, but AION Recovery will be there for the first year of your recovery to follow up with your progress and provide you with any additional support you need. Give us a call today at 888-811-2879 for more information about Arizona drug rehab treatment services. Join the others that remain sober today.