Addiction is a powerful disease that can affect everyone, whether they live in big cities or small towns. Some Livingston, NJ residents may feel disconnected from the horrors of drug addiction, living in a quiet suburban community away from the big city lifestyle but the drugs have a long reach and everyone is vulnerable to its grip. In fact, the quiet suburb of Livingston, NJ, battles against addiction every day.

Last summer, the Livingston Patch reported that Essex County has experienced a 284% increase in heroin deaths since 2011. Located in the heart of Essex County, Livingston continues to reel from that impact. So much focus these days is spent on raising awareness about the dangers of drug abuse, while the issue of seeking help if you suffer from the disease of addiction takes a back seat. It’s time for you to address addiction by seeking help of an affordable Livingston drug rehab center.

Leaving New Jersey (NJ) for a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

Few people realize just how much of their stress and fears are triggered due to their environment, which creates a situation that can feed addiction or hinder recovery. Removing yourself from your home environment can be the break you need to free yourself from the grips of addiction.

AION Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehab program in South Florida specializes in intensive outpatient treatment, giving you the opportunity to recover without feeling as though you are a patient or a prisoner. Our specialists will work to treat your addiction with evidence-based recovery methods that will address it on multiple levels, in order to help heal you completely.

The Benefits of Group Therapy with a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program Outside of New Jersey (NJ)

Sitting down with a diverse group of people outside of your own social circle for a therapy session can help you learn to respect others, while learning to respect yourself all over again. With addiction, many addicts tend to blame themselves as if they have somehow failed, they haven’t. Group therapy will help you understand that addiction truly is a disease, others suffer the same as you and others need help as well.

Getting Started with an Affordable Livingston Drug Rehab

The people around you are more sympathetic toward the disease of addiction than you know, they understand that you were suffering and they are happy to see you back on track. Once you are back in New Jersey, you can focus on living a healthier life beyond addiction, a life where you can appreciate yourself for finding the help you needed, while doing what you can to help others who may be in a similar position.

It’s time to stop letting addiction dictate how you live your life in Livingston and to get started with an affordable Livingston drug rehab. Call AION Recovery today at 888-811-2879 and we’ll get started on breaking the chains of your addiction.