If you’re struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction in Maryland, you are certainly not alone. Many people in Maryland are addicted to drugs like prescription opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol and heroin, and it can leave them in a hopeless and in dire need of Maryland drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment. It’s assumed that most of the drug problem in Maryland is isolated to bigger urban cities like Baltimore, MD, but smaller cities like Bethesda, MD, and Waldorf, MD, are being affected by the drugs flowing through their areas.

The Youth of Maryland and Drug Addiction

There are many risk factors that cause a person in Maryland to become addicted. Genetic predisposition and mental illness are two of the leading causes, but age is also a big factor. Young people have a brain that’s not yet fully developed, so their experimentation with drugs has a much likelier chance of turning to addiction. A study conducted by the Office of Adolescent Health shows that people in Maryland under the age of 13 who have tried alcohol is at 23%, and the national average is only 20%. Approximately 6% of young people between 12 and 17 have used narcotic pain relievers for non-medical reasons.

Maryland Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Options

It doesn’t matter what age individuals are when they become addicted to drugs or alcohol when it comes to getting treated. Addiction is a progressive disease, so people have a much better chance of recovering when they go to a drug and alcohol rehab at a young age or in the earlier stages. Those who have been drinking and using for years aren’t hopeless though. Coming to our drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida is a great place to have a fresh start at life.

Evidence-Based Recovery and Peer Support

When you come to AION Recovery in sunny South Florida, you can trust that we’ll be using therapeutic methods that have been backed by science. From EMDR to cognitive behavioral therapy, we specialize in methods that help retrain your brain so you can get rid of old habits when you’re triggered. For additional support, you’ll go through group therapy, which is a place for you to begin to work on your communication skills and see that you’re not alone in your situation.

AION Recovery wants to help you with long-term sobriety, so we map out a detailed aftercare plan for your first year of sobriety. This way, you’ll be able to return to Maryland with the confidence that you’ll be receiving the ongoing care you need to stay sober. Give us a call today at 888-811-2879 to find out more about our treatment programs.